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The ragged priest x bread&&butter

The Ragged Priest was invited to host a stand at Zalando’s annual Bread&&Butter event in Berlin.

The foundation concept of a ‘silent disco’ was established through the collaboration with The Silent Disco Company but developed further for the Bread&&Butter crowd.

The ‘silent rave’ Club Lost was dressed in one and a half days with hundreds of individually designed faux 90s event posters, distressed wallpaper, slanderous Posca pen statements hidden in corners, a walkway of dirt, shrubs and scraps literally dragged in from the streets of Berlin, fully functioning elevated DJ booth and grubby little couch in the corner.

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just another halloween thing

Starting as an online vote via Instagram Stories to include the brand’s international following, the vote resulted in which horror film we would screen at the intimate VIP ‘Just Another Halloween Thing’ at the Carnaby location.

The flagship store was decorated with tons of floating voodoo dolls handmade with surplus fabric from the current collection, and guests were greeted with naff spooky music, a smorgasbord of trick or treat snacks and complimentary drinks.

The basement office was transformed into a dimly lit mini cinema with individual plush seats, pumpkin bowls of popcorn and gift bags.

Gift bags were limited edition halloween totes with detachable patch, limited edition halloween logo stickers, headless teddybears (that some fans ended up wearing as earrings…), and a handful of other special bits and bobs.

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8 ganton street

Without any allocated budget, I tasked myself in keeping the window of the Carnaby street store redesigned every fortnight.

Thrifting and DIY came in handy.

Sarcastic Christmas bunting, floating packages of festively wrapped coal, a paraphrased written history on ‘What the hell Black Friday even is’, hand drawn illustrations, hanging voodoo dolls, etc.

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